Creating Dazzling Presentations is Effortless, Using Microsoft Sway

Interactive presentations, reports, personal stories, and more, can now be created, quickly and easily, and shared using Microsoft Sway. Sway program allows users to simply add photos and text, search and import relevant content from various sources, and then Sway compiles the content into a dazzling presentation. Users are no longer limited to pre-designed templates, and it does not require design skills in order to make presentations interactive and attention-grabbing. There’s no need for users to spend excessive amounts of time on formatting, since Sway’s design engine effortleessly makes the user’s project look polished. If the first design created by Sway doesn’t meet a user’s expectations, additional designs can easily be applied anddthere are also customization tools available for a user to create their own.

Sway also makes it simple to share finished products with friends, family, classmates and coworkers, without requiring them to sign up, sign in, or download software. Privacy settings can also be modified for Sway, whenever a user requires more control over what they share. Sway is also free for anyone who has a Microsoft Account, whether that be Hotmail, Live, or More sophisticated Sways, with more content, can also be created when you use Sway with an Office 365 subscription.

The Sway interface focuses on a storyline, which users then utilize to add a series of cards. These cards can be populated with content and grouped together in sections. This content can be added, removed, edited, or reordered quite easily, all depending on the user’s narrative and requirements. Sway is a much more free-flowing style of presentation than PowerPoint, which adds a refreshing change to presentation styles.

Unlike PowerPoint, Sway has no option for creating content, within itself. The content must be uploaded to the softwareand can even be pulled in directly from other sources. These sources include popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr. All of these features simplify the creation process for users and minimizes the amount of time spent creating projects on Sway.

When using the online version of Sway, there’s an option to import existing Word, PowerPoint, or PDF documents. Once imported, new Sways can be created based on thir content. Because of this fucntionality, a project drafted in Word or PowerPoint is able to be quickly converted to Sway and turned into a unique and effective presentation with headings, text, and media that’s expertly organized.

Sways are very easy to begin creating – whether it’s a report, presentation, newsletter, photo album, or a visual trip report, there’s virtually no limit for users on what they can do, creatively, with Sway. If inspiration is needed, users can view and interact with previously made Sways that other users have created. Users can also start by using one of the featured templates, to begin using and learning Sway, quickly and effectively.

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