Easily Manage Your Network Users With Active Directory

Hierarchical structures, known as directories, allow networks to store information about objects. Active Directory Domain Services is a directory service that provides methods for storing directory data and then making it accessible to network administrators and users throughout a company. For example, Active Directory has the ability to store information about user accounts, such as names, passwords, phone numbers, etc. which, in turn, enables other authorized users to access the same network and information.

Active Directory stores information about certain objects on networks, making it easier for users and administrates to find and then use their files and data. The structured data that Active Directory uses is a basis for hierarchical and logical organization of directory information. The data storage type, or the directory, contains information about objects related to the Active Directory. They usually share resources such as volumes, servers, printers, network users and computer accounts.

Security is enhanced through integration with Active Directory through functionality such as logon authentication and access control to objects situated in the directory. With single network logon, managing directory data and organization, throughout their network, can be done easily, and network users that are authorized can access resources anywhere across the network. Policy-based administration is a valuable asset to businesses because it allows for easier management of even the most complex networks.

Active Directory also provides businesses with a surplus of convenient features. Scheme, which is a set of rules, defines the classes of the various objects and attributes, the limits on the instances of those objects, and the format of names, all of which are contained in the directory. It also has a global catalog that contains information about each object in the directory. This feature allows users and administrators to find information within the directory, regardless of which domain actually holds the data within the directory. A query and index mechanism is also available that allows objects and the properties to be published and discovered by network users and applications.

Active Directory also contains a replication service that can distribute data across networks. Domain controllers located within a domain are able to participate in said replication and contain a complete copy of all directory information for their domain. Any change to the directory data can also be replicated to the different domain controllers.

Active Directory is a great feature for companies to incorporate into their businesses. It allows users to easily allocate resources, therefore employees in different departments are able to access certain programs that are consistent with their roles. In addition to that, it allows companies to manage services to individual user based on the particular roles in the company. It should be considered for businesses that are looking for a flexible, reliable, and useful system for managing data and information, and to more easily manage onboarding and offboarding within your business.

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