Effectively Manage Your Mobile Workforce Using Microsoft StaffHub

In some work environments, employees don’t have access to their own office, desk or computer. This means that sharing information for the work day can be very difficult. Workers are left to depend on sharing information through an outdated manual process, such as printing off paper schedules and using text messages and phone calls to relay information. Microsoft StaffHub solves this issue, allowing staff workers to better manage their workday, providing schedule management, information sharing, and the capability to connect other apps and work-related resources.

The app itself has a home screen that provides a summary of all upcoming shifts. Managers have the ability to attach important notes for the employees that will show up on the home screen. Employees can also view who else is working a particular shift. If scheduling issues arise, they can be easily moved around with Microsoft StaffHub. Employees can swap shifts or offer them to someone else. These requests are also sent to the manager for approval purposes, and any notifications/updates are then automatically sent out to the workforce.

Managers also have the capability to send out important information to their team, including new policy documents, news bulletins, or videos. Quick messages can also be sent out to employees in a reliable way, with confirmatin the messages were received. Whether it’s a message about a meeting, or information concerning the work day, Microsoft StaffHub provides a way for employees to contact each other directly or as an entire workforce. Managers have the capability to easily create and update shift schedules for their employees via Microsoft StaffHub and employees are then able to access all information regarding their schedules, including the ability to switch shifts with other employees through the StaffHub mobile app.

Outdated systems for managing schedules and relaying information is a relic of the past with the use of Microsoft StaffHub. Managers now have the capability to easily reach their employees and adjust their schedules in a simple and efficient way. The days of figuring out work schedules and contacting employees through notes posted on bulletin boards are gone. Managing workers can now be easily accomplished through the easy use of a cell phone and the StaffHub app.

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