How to Create More Compelling Presentations with Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint can be an easy and effective way to enhance presentations, but they can be distracting if not created properly. Here are some simple tips for creating an effective and professional presentation.

  • Only use key phrases and essential information and limit the number of words on the screen.
  • Avoid placing paragraphs or even full sentences on the screen, as they might distract the audience and make the slides look too busy.
  • Make sure to contrast the colors of text with light text on dark background to increase the readability of the text.
  • Make sure the images themselves are of good quality, as they can be used to reinforce and enhance the message you are trying to present.
  • Using only one slide per minute helps prevent audiences from becoming distracted or stop paying attention.
  • Overusing different special effects and sounds lowers the professionalism of a presentation, therefore should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Minimizing the use of punctuation and the use of all capital letters can help enhance the readability of the presentation.
  • The slide master features allow for simpler and consistent design templates. While variants in a presentation are okay to use, it is important that they be consistent with elements such as colors, fonts, and backgrounds.
  • Using too many slide transitions and sound effects should be avoided. They tend to become the focus of the presentation and can distract the audience. A truly professional presentation really does not need these features.
  • Modifying presentations can be quite useful as well. While templates can be helpful in starting a design, the user should modify them to fit their needs and the presentation style.
  • The fonts shouldn’t be too small or too fancy. If they are too small or stylized, they run the risk of being illegible at a far distance. While up close they may seem fine, from far away they are difficult to read.

Microsoft PowerPoint allows for presentations to be created in a simple manner by using the tips above. You must make sure that the information on each slide is concise, and the sentences are simple. The designs should also be simple and should avoid using special effects and sounds. Doing this ensures a professional and effective presentations of a presentation.

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