Microsoft Forms Makes Data Collection Simple & Efficient

Microsoft Forms allows businesses and organizations to easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls. It is used by more than 3 million users in education fields and is available to most Office 365 commercial customers. Businesses and government offices can use it for any data collection needs they might have for their companies. When it comes to collecting data on customers, Microsoft Forms allows for easy and customizable ways to gather that information by using quizzes, surveys, etc.


Microsoft Forms allows for organizing team events, soliciting client input, and measuring customer satisfaction in an easy way. It can be accessed on any web browser and mobile device, making it available anywhere. Businesses also have the option to customize their surveys through the addition of logos, images, and themes. Teams can use forms collaboratively, as Microsoft Forms has the ability to be accessed by more than one user at a time. SharePoint, Teams, Excel, Flow, and Sway are applications the forms are accessible through due to the cohesion between Microsoft Forms and Microsoft 365 programs.


IT Admins have the ability to manage user licenses, SOC compliance, and have access to controls that enable the sharing of forms outside of companies. Complex surveys are able to be created using features such as Likert scales, support question branching, and the ability to collect 50,000 survey responses per form. Forms can also be inserted into PowerPoint slide, enabling users to include them in presentations. While forms are commonly used for education purposes, Microsoft Forms is still an excellent choice for businesses wishing to collect data to incorporate into their programs.

Data Collection

Since Microsoft Forms and Microsoft 365 programs work together, incorporating data into other solutions and databases within Microsoft 365 programs is easily accomplished. Sorting mass amounts of data, creating tasks in Office 365 Planner, collecting and analyzing user information, and inputting information into Dynamics CRM, SQL, or Oracle is all possible with the collaboration between Microsoft 365 programs and Microsoft Forms.


Collecting data and generating reports based on that information is easily accomplished by businesses and organizations with the use of Microsoft Forms and Office 365 programs are easily integrated with Microsoft Forms. In addition to that, using Microsoft Forms is extremely safe, as it follows the same compliance rules as Office 365 programs. The forms themselves can be shared with anonymous users, and the results can then be presented from the data collected. The overall use of Microsoft Forms allows businesses to learn more about their consumer base and optimize their productivity in response to their clients.

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