Microsoft Puts AI in the Palm of Your Hands with AtBot

Internet bots are a useful software application that run automated tasks on websites. They’re utilized by businesses and organizations to assist customers, because the bots themselves can be programmed to exchange messages and answer questions in a way that feels like a real person interaction for the customer. They provide more customer support, guidance, and interactive experiences without requiring manpower. Bots are becoming more and more popular for organizations to use, therefore the need for an easily programmed and functional bot system has become apparent. In response, Microsoft has introduced their own version of a bot system – AtBot.

The use of bots is no longer limited to high level computer scientists thank to the addition of Atbot by Microsoft to users of Office 365. Atbot is trained with MicrosoftFlow, so it can easily be taught tools like QnAMaker and Microsoft’s LUIS. AtBot is able to respond to questions a user might have and understand most everything that’s said, due to programs such as language understanding services. Most bots are unit askers and are only able to accomplish one goal. Since AtBot is programmed with MicrosoftFlow, it is extremely versatile. Integration with Flow also makes it accessible to everyday workers and allows them to easily accomplish daily tasks for a business.

Multiple AtBots can be useful in enabling businesses to function well with their different processes. Users can customize and create different bots, assigning them different names and avatars, so consumers know which bot they’re talking to. Unlimited bots enable businesses to have lots of flexibility over the way their platforms are run. It allows support and service teams, such as IT support for sales and Human Resource positions, for example, to have more free time to accomplish other work. No longer will they have to spend valuable time answering the same questions, over and over again. It is a benefit to the customer as well, since bots are available 24/7 to answer most questions they might have.

QnAMaker is a tool that drastically improves AtBot’s capabilities. It is a part of Microsoft’s Azure system, therefore it is a very secure system. It allows frequently asked questions to become accessible and easy to find and can even import existing question webpages and databases. Because of this, users can then add any additional questions that might pop up. Each department can also have access to its own FAQ from which AtBot derives its answers. Because of all of these features, AtBot easily becomes the best source of knowledge for any organization, limiting the amount of trouble tickets, phone calls, emails, etc. that employees would typically have to deal with.

With all of these advanced features, AtBot doesn’t require extensive programming and custom-coding in order to accomplish its tasks. AtBot is built with tools that allow users to reprogram new skills and knowledge in hours. Administrators can add new content without having to take down the bot for updates or revisions.  Not only does it help workers with frequently asked questions, it is programmed with tools that allow it to function better than most bots. It is clearly the best choice if an organization is looking to incorporate bots into their work environment.

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