Microsoft SharePoint is the Application Your Business Needs Right Now

Microsoft SharePoint is an industry-leading software solution for quickly deploying web-based applications and internal websites. The primary benefit of Sharepoint is that it provides faster and easier access to proprietary company information, other software tools, and company employees, so everyone within your company can enjoy improved productivity.

Microsoft has invested heavily in cloud integration technologies and understands the need for businesses to collaborate across a single office or a worldwide organization. Sharepoint is their enhanced software application to meet those needs.

Below are just some of the ways in which our clients are currently utilizing Microsoft SharePoint in their businesses:

Create Collaborative Networks

The corporate intranet is one of the most popular applications for SharePoint. Using SharePoint, in this manner, allows your business to disseminate information to all team members in a more interactive fashion than sending an email. Popular uses include:

    • Shared Calendars
    • Administrative Dashboards
    • Upcoming Events
    • Company Announcements
    • Content & Document Management

SharePoint allows your business to manage the document lifecycle – from creation to the archives. This sophisticated functionality includes creating files, sharing documents and files across the enterprise, and enhanced interactions with other employees. SharePoint document classifications can also ensure that auditing and compliance requirements are met, throughout the enterprise.

SharePoint also allows for the quick retrieval of documents, with additional functionality to assign classifications to documents, making your business information easier to find than ever before. The content management features of SharePoint allow your employees to quickly find the content or documents they need, using SharePoint’s powerful search feature to quickly retrieve the information they need, based upon defined search parameters, including the content of the document.

Improved Customer Service

SharePoint allows administrators to bestow access to external users, as well, in what is typically referred to as an Extranet. Using SharePoint in this way provides additional benefits to your customers, allowing them to engage more interactively with your team. Unlike the intranet functionality of SharePoint, the Extranet functionality can increase your company’s revenue, by providing improved customer service, enhanced productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Integration with Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise level tool with a whole host of capabilities, including integration with Office 365, but it can be utilized by businesses of all sizes. With SharePoint online, your company can stay connected, regardless of the location of your mobile team members. And with the modern interface that resembles Microsoft Office, the entire platform feels welcoming and familiar.

If you’d like more information on how Microsoft Sharepoint can benefit your company, use the form on this page to request additional information. We’ll work with you to find the best Sharepoint Solution to meet the needs of your business and unique workforce.