OneDrive is the Most Effective Storage Solution for Backup and Business Collaboration

With constant advances in technology, it comes as no surprise that getting work done is no longer limited to the office. With this in mind, employees are able to get more accomplished while they are on-the-go, using systems like OneDrive.  OneDrive is a storage system that allows you to save, share, and backup documents, photos, videos, etc. on any device. It is easily accessible, secure to use, and can be a great benefit to your business.


One of the biggest benefits of using OneDrive is the accessibility. When OneDrive recognizes an internet connection, it immediately updates any changes made within files on the OneDrive. Due to Microsoft data centers being located around the world, OneDrive can be utilized locally on each continent, which is especially useful to International companies. In addition to that, OneDrive is highly accessible in terms of what devices it is available on. Currently, OneDrive can be used on Mac, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and Xbox. It’s also possible to access your documents offline, so working on projects using OneDrive can be accomplished virtually anywhere you go.

OneDrive and Office 365

OneDrive works with Microsoft Apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Because of this, you never have to worry about the formatting of your projects being disrupted. If you open one of the applications, you will see any projects that you have saved to OneDrive. They are easily accessible and can also be coedited in real time by various people. Any project from one of the Microsoft Apps can then be saved on OneDrive and accessed on any device, whether it be another computer, your phone, etc.


Being able to share content with multiple users comes with the risk of sending information to the wrong people. To avoid this, Microsoft has given IT Administrators the ability to determine sharing capabilities via the OneDrive Admin Center. With this, they are able to set sharing restrictions based on what is appropriate for the company or organization involved. In addition to that, Microsoft Azure is currently one of the most secure cloud systems in the world. Whatever your business is working on, you can be certain that it will be kept safe while using OneDrive.


The endless cycle of emailing back revisions and changes is avoided completely with the use of OneDrive. When you use OneDrive for documents, Online Web App versions as well as local applications are able to be co-edited by different users at the same time. You can see the changes as they occur and have access to a centralized document. A ‘live’ version of the document is kept with a record showing changes to the file and identities of users who have edited it. It works with programs such as Excel and Word, so whatever format your project takes, editing will be an easy process

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