Visio Online Will Make Your Collaboration More Effective

With today’s business environment, mobility is absolutely essential. Thanks to Microsoft Visio Online, Visio diagrams can be viewed and shared by users, in high fidelity, from practically any device, while using their preferred browser. Productivity can therefore be significantly improved for everyone on the team, no matter where they may be becasue of Visio Online. It works with almost all Office 365 commercial users, too.

With Visio Online, users can edit, view, and share Visio diagrams and charts, effortlessly, on the web. This can be accomplished by starting with a basic diagram that expresses common ideas, like creating a proposal, or describing a sequence of steps in an internal process. With Visio Online, it’s also extremely easy to create top-quality diagrams with the use of commonly-used types and shape sets. Online users of Visio can now view and collaborate together by sharing diagrams and commenting on files.

Visio is constantly releasing more advanced features in order to increase mobility for their corporate users. Initial feedback from the release of Visio Online was overwhelmingly positive, so Visio online has been enabled for VSD file format and for users that have email through Exchange Online,, and Hotmail. Additional features, such as commenting capabilities, process flows, shape data, and more have helped to make Visio more functional.

Visio JavaScript APIs have also extended the capabilities of Visio Online. Professionals working in the IT field now have the ability to build solutions in order to meet the needs of their organization. The APIs themselves enable access to the embedded Visio Online diagrams that are in a SharePoint Online page. They can be used to interact with Visio Online diagrams like shapes and page styles, exposing diagram data, writing custom handlers for mouse events, creating mark-ups on the diagram, and much more. Custom overlays, like a list of steps required before continuing a process, which then appears when users select or hover their mouse over a diagram shape, can easily be added by Developers.

Accessible and customizable diagrams are extremely valuable, and are now easily accessible with Visio Online. Users can access them, virtually, anywhere. Constant updates and additions t0 the software are continuous, so that users have a variety of tools to make their work as efficient and compelling as possible.

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