Microsoft Project Online Increases Collaboration and Productivity Throughout Your Business

Microsoft Project Online is simple and flexible solution for project portfolio management (PPM), and other various forms of internal and external work processes. It works through Office 365, and provides teams with the ability to plan, prioritize, and manage projects and other portfolio investments, from practically any device. It can be easily accessed by administrators, portfolio managers and viewers, team members, and project/resource managers.

Project Online is simple to use because of integrated, useful functionality provided by the application. Portfolio values can increase, through tools provided, allowing users to strategically evaluate project portfolios and make strategic decisons based upon the data. The program offers tools for time and task management, scheduling, and resource assignments, all of which allow employees to easily cllaborate and track progress. Visualizing data, to gain insight from projects, programs and portfolios, can be done through built-in reports and BI tools.

Collaboration between employees can be easily accomplished with the use of Project Online, as well. Skype for Business and Yammer work seamlessly with Project Online, which allows for more team participation. These integrated communication tools allow users to work together using video chat, voice chat, or instant messaging, within a project. Different teams can also submit project ideas with Office programs such as Outlook and SharePoint, so that a portfolio can be influenced by all different types of employees within an organization.

Project Online also includes powerful features such as point-and-click reporting capabilities and summary dashboards, that allow users to gather immediate insight about the portfolios. Project resources can even be consolidated into a single view, so that resource managers can compare other resources, across standardized data. In terms of resources, the Resource Engagement feature allows resource managers to respond to resource requests, based on availability across a portfolio.

Visual tiles provide easy navigation of the Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management functionality, allowing employees to quickly identify the important steps for managing project portfolios. And becasue it’s a Micrososft application, there’s a familiar interface, consisitent with other Office 365 applications, so users will already be familiar with it if they’ve used other MS products. Users can also use most web browsers and devices to access, edit, submit, and collaborate on projects and portfolios.

Because Project Online is delivered through the cloud, it’s always up-to-date with the latest features, tools, patches and updates directly from Microsoft. Your IT staff won’t have to worry about costly upgrades, saving your business time and money. The program also comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which includes continuous data back-up, disaster recovery, and data centers around the world, ensuring the safety and integrity of your business data. Project Online includes 24/7 IT support from Microsoft, allowing users to keep their business moving forward, while freeing up time for IT personnel to work on other IT issues within the company.

Microsoft Project Online is the perfect addition to any business or organization. Not only does it provide innovative tools and features that enhance productivity, there are also flexible collaboration tools that can be used with the different projects and portfolios.

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