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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a growing way for businesses in all industries to more easily manage their IT environment, in the cloud. IaaS allows companies to, essentially, lease IT infrastructure from a service provider, rather than buying equipment and hosting it on-site

Infrastructure as a Service allows your business to select an operating system and load your applications onto the servers, but it’s the responsibility of the IaaS provider to keep the equipment secure, powered up and up to date. Infrastructure as a Service might include Co-location, servers, hardware, storage, desktop virtualization, and internet services.

There are many reasons to use Infrastructure as a Service, including:

  • Getting Started Is Simple
    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers already have the infrastructure in place, allowing your business to more quickly get your business up and running in the cloud.
  • You Only Need an Internet Connection
    When you choose to deploy Infrastructure as a Service, all of your organization’s computing takes place in the cloud. This means that every member of your team has secure and encrypted access to your company files, anywhere there is an Internet connection. For remote and mobile employees, this is an essential feature of IaaS.
  • Incredibly Secure
    Because Infrastructure as a Service providers host computing systems for many businesses, security is essential. There are multiple levels of security and protection to ensure that your company’s data is not breached.
  • No Upfront Costs
    By using a secure off-site data center, owned by the Infrastructure as a Service provider, there’s no need for capital expenditures like servers, storage and network hardware. In addition, maintenance of the equipment is provided by the Infrastructure as a Service provider. Lastly, IaaS is metered and allows you to pay only for your actual usage, easily scaling up or down, as needed.
  • Easily Expandable
    By capitalizing on the Infrastructure as a Service provider’s capabilities and network, companies can easily increase their usage, providing the ultimate in flexibility. This is especially important for organizations that may be seasonal or who may experience significant growth in the future. Infrastructure as a Service allows for maximum scalability when your company’s requirements change.
  • Intuitive Configuration
    Keeping up with the evolving needs in an IT environment is difficult, and no two comapnies are alike. By using an Infrastructure as a Service provider, you can easily choose the storage capacity and computing power that best fits your company’s needs, at any given time.
  • Focus on Your Company Goals
    When you utilize an Infrastructure as a Service provider, you have access to an entire team of experienced IaaS professionals. There’s no need to employ a dedicated IT staff to maintain servers, because updates and maintenance of the servers is provided by the Infrastructure as a Service provider. This allows your employees to focus on what day do best: growing your company.
  • Advanced Technology
    In order to meet the computing needs of thousands of customers, Infrastructure as a Service providers consistently maintain the most robust and reliable networks possible. Because this is the primary focus of their business, Infrastructure as a Service providers are able to offer more advanced features and technologiess, as they become available, than the typical business can afford to maintain on their own.

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