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WheelHouse Solutions provides IT & Voice Services to businesses throughout the St. Louis, Missouri area.

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St. Louis Information Technology CompanyWheelHouse Solutions started in 2000 as WavesCo, with a business goal of helping customers succeed with their technology objectives. In the beginning the main focus was on custom software development but has since evolved into full managed services, including all aspects of our customers IT infrastructure and design. Since that time we have provided consulting, managed IT and cloud solutions for customers throughout the United States.

One of the reasons for our continued success is our ability to partner with our customers to address IT, cybersecurity and compliance requirements and deliver proactive consulting and implementation. We believe by utilizing our proven framework, we can identify areas in which new technologies will improve operations and efficiency and increase service levels throughout your organization.

If your company requires Managed IT & Support Services, WheelHouse Solutions has a responsive and experienced staff of IT professionals that deliver outstanding results. We provide cost-effective Managed IT Services, supported by a diverse team of IT professionals, with experience in multiple disciplines. Whether you’re looking to outsource all of your IT services or simply need to augment your existing IT staff, we have a flexible business solution that will meet your needs.

WheelHouse stands out uniquely with our managed IT customers because of our commitment to not only provide proactive support and management, but also to monitor and manage Security and Compliance requirements for our clients’ IT infrastructure. WheelHouse consultants stays up-to-date on the latest technologies, the management of security around the latest technologies, in addition to how our clients’ businesses are affected by the compliance requirements in their industry.

Businesses throughout the St. Louis area trust WheelHouse Solutions to manage their IT needs, allowing them to focus their energy on running their business. We can structure your IT, support your employees and protect your valuable data, all at a lower cost than hiring a full-time IT staff.

WheelHouse Solutions Provides:

Local Technicians
WheelHouse Solutions’ local technicians are our “boots on the ground” and the people you’ll see in your office as IT needs arise. Our technicians are not only skilled in various aspects of IT, but also understand the importance of effective and through communication to ensure our clients understand what’s going on when they’re on site and when the issue will be resolved.

Network Operation Center Team
WheelHouse Solutions’ NOC team consists of certified experts in Windows, Linux, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, networking, virtualization and security, to name a few. Our NOC technicians communicate directly with our Help Desk and on-site technicians to ensure a team-based approach to managing your IT network.

Help Desk Team
WheelHouse Solutions’ Help Desk team is North-American-based and all user support technicians are native English speakers. As well, 80% of incidents are resolved on the first call, to get you back to work, fast. As with our NOC, our Help Desk team communicates directly with our on-site technicians to ensure complete continuity of problem resolution.

Support Staff
Our support staff consists of local technicians, operations personnel and accounting team members that provide back-end business support, ensuring our senior technicians are able to stay focused on managing our clients’ networks.

The WheelHouse Advantage

WheelHouse Solutions strives to provide exceptional service to businesses of all sizes. Understanding how our clients’ businesses function, on a day-to-day basis, allows our team to design IT solutions that align with their business goals. We take pride in the many accolades we’ve received from business owners who are growing and expanding their businesses by utilizing IT technologies deployed by WheelHouse. It’s easy to recommend a technology solution but WheelHouse stands behind our commitment to provide scalable and customized IT solutions that are as unique as each of the companies we’re proud to serve.

Exceeding the Standard

WheelHouse Solutions can play an integral role in helping your company achieve standards compliance and maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure. Ensuring compliance doesn’t have to be a complex and expensive proposition. We’re already familiar with many of the standards in various industries and our complete managed IT services model enables us to quickly identify any areas of your IT network that are not yet up to standard. If you rely on your IT infrastructure to maintain data integrity and protect your business from financial losses then it’s important to invest in network monitoring and maintenance to achieve compliance with legislated standards.

No Cost Network Assessment

To assess your level of current compliance, we’ll conduct a non-intrusive network scan. The scan focuses on the seven key areas listed below, and is a great way to establish a baseline for making improvements. These seven areas (known as SAS70) have been defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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