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Multiple Key Functions, One Comprehensive Suite

WheelHouse Solutions’ Persystent Suite offers high-quality features in a single, cost-effective solution. With its strong capabilities, Persystent Suite serves as a centralized platform that provides a wide range of functionalities, including repair/recovery, imaging, change management, and drive sanitization. This all-in-one solution outperforms other market alternatives in performance and efficiency at an affordable price.

Automated Self-Healing

Streamlining the Restoration and Recovery Process

With Persystent Suite, a simple reboot triggers an automated process that efficiently restores the PC to its last approved state, regardless of network connectivity. This seamless and user-friendly approach ensures that the PC is quickly brought back to its desired configuration in approximately 45 seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming re-imaging processes. By automatically restoring end user PCs to their last known desired state, Persystent Suite promotes a strategy of resolving most break/fix issues in seconds. This streamlined solution is compatible with both PCs and Windows-based servers, providing comprehensive support across various systems. Persystent Suite also offers multiple levels of repair, allowing organizations to address a wide range of issues efficiently. Persystent Suite seamlessly integrates with popular IT service management (ITSM) and client management solutions such as LANDESK SCCM, Dell Kace, and many others. This integration enhances the overall IT infrastructure by providing a cohesive and comprehensive management experience. With Persystent Suite, organizations can significantly reduce break/fix help desk incidents and associated costs by over 70%. This substantial reduction in incidents leads to improved productivity, minimized downtime, and significant cost savings for the organization. Persystent Suite enables organizations to optimize their IT operations, promote efficiency, and enhance end-user experiences.


Maintaining the Ongoing Integrity, Consistency, and Continuity of all PC Workstations

When it comes to reliable and efficient imaging processes, Persystent Suite remains a leader in the industry. Whether you need to create a base image for a new PC or update/refresh multiple devices within your organization, Persystent Suite offers a proven automated solution. With the updated version of Persystent Suite, you can effectively minimize downtime, eliminate errors, maintain operational control, and align with your organization’s security best practices. Trust Persystent Suite to deliver the reliability and speed you need for seamless imaging operations. Persystent Suite stands out in the market with its exceptional capabilities. It offers fast performance, boasting a speed that is 75% faster than its competitors. With its flexible file-level imaging approach, it surpasses traditional sector-by-sector methods. The software provides zero-touch bare metal imaging, enabling end-to-end automation for a seamless user experience. Persystent Suite seamlessly integrates with drive encryption and compression solutions, ensuring enhanced data security and storage efficiency. Its USB functionality enables remote imaging and disaster recovery, providing convenience and reliability. With no roll back to Day Zero, unless specifically required, Persystent Suite keeps profiles and settings untouched. The software allows users to manage multiple images based on their own policies, granting flexibility and control. Time-saving auto task sequencing further enhances efficiency by automating essential post-imaging tasks like domain joining, computer name changes, SID modifications, and more. Persystent Suite is a comprehensive solution that combines speed, flexibility, automation, and customization to streamline imaging processes and optimize overall productivity.

Secure Device Wipe

Maintaining DoD/NIST 800-88 Standards

When it comes to retiring or recycling hard disks, it’s crucial to ensure that sensitive information is completely erased. Simple deletion or partitioning methods are insufficient for this purpose. However, with Persystent Suite, you can swiftly and seamlessly erase data and sanitize the drive, leaving no traces of the previous image. Persystent Suite offers powerful erasure capabilities that enable IT departments to effectively manage approved ideal images. With impressive efficiency, Persystent Suite can wipe a 256GB device in less than 40 minutes, averaging about 10 seconds per gigabyte. This rapid and thorough data wiping process ensures that companies can take proactive steps to prevent any residual information from being accessible on the device. By using Persystent Suite, organizations can confidently address the need for secure data erasure and drive sanitization. It provides a reliable solution that meets the crucial requirement of leaving no trace of the previous image on a device, aligning with the stringent security needs of modern companies.

Change Management

When the Only Constant in your IT environment is Change

In the fast-paced world of technology, new software applications, OS versions, updates, patches, and various other changes continually impact base images. To efficiently manage these changes, Persystent Suite proves to be an invaluable tool. With Persystent Suite, you gain the ability to optimize change management processes. Once an image is deployed, you can effortlessly manage and automatically schedule authorized updates. By taking a new snapshot of the desired state, Persystent Suite seamlessly applies only the necessary changes to 1 or even 100,000 images. These changes are successfully implemented the next time the PC is rebooted.

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