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In modern business, ensuring IT security is of utmost importance to protect computer systems and networks from potential threats such as theft, damage to hardware or software, and compromise of electronic data. Staying ahead of hackers who aim to exploit your company and its valuable data is crucial. The disruptive impact of a successful hacking attempt could even threaten the survival of your business. A robust threat management solution that combines a powerful Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform with a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) actively monitoring every log within your computer network is essential. At WheelHouse Solutions, we offer a comprehensive package designed to automate and fortify your business’s security, ensuring the highest level of protection possible.

How Does it Work?

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a robust, enterprise-grade security platform that actively monitors your network to identify advanced threats that may evade traditional anti-virus and firewall defenses. This comprehensive application features real-time alerting and incident response capabilities, instantly generating alerts and displaying them on a centralized dashboard. Utilizing machine learning and other security tools, the system efficiently detects anomalies that may arise, enhancing threat detection and response.

Once these patterns exceed a predetermined threshold, proactive measures are activated. The sensors swiftly identify and automatically halt applications that pose mutating threats, ensuring they are stopped right at their source, whether on your endpoints (servers, workstations), or network devices. Additionally, the application has the capability to detect unauthorized file downloads by users. These actions are promptly compared against an extensive database of known threats, cross-referenced, and instantly identified within the platform.

Subsequently, our Security Operations Center (SOC), diligently reviews these alerts to ensure that no potential threats go unnoticed. Our dedicated team meticulously assesses each alert and takes appropriate actions to counter the identified threats. We maintain constant communication with our customers, promptly notifying them of the actions we have taken on their behalf to mitigate the risks and providing guidance on any necessary next steps. Our commitment is to deliver comprehensive security measures and peace of mind to our valued clients.


Our comprehensive logging system indexes all logs, enabling you to easily generate automated reports on your network. In compliance with numerous legal regulations, our security platform offers a wide range of over 1,000 reports focused on security and compliance. These reports encompass both summary and detailed information, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of various regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, DOD, RMF, and NIST 800-171 frameworks. To ensure ongoing compliance, we diligently review these reports with management on a regular basis.

Value and Intelligence

We offer substantial value to our clients by eliminating the need for them to maintain in-house security analysts and a dedicated security operations center. With our solution, clients benefit from a fixed cost structure that enables effective risk reduction while providing control and flexibility within their IT environment. Our proactive approach ensures swift detection of issues and changes, allowing for immediate resolution before they escalate and become unmanageable.

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