Taskfire – The Ability to Create & View Tickets

Our Client Portal is a secure web site that gives you access to your company’s records in our Autotask database.

The level of access for each user is controlled by the security level assigned to them. There are two kinds of security levels: Standard Client Portal, and Taskfire.

What you can do with a Standard Client Portal Security Level

The standard Client Portal lets you create tickets (a.k. a. “Service Requests”) and monitor tickets and projects. Depending on your security level, you can:

  • Submit tickets directly into our ticketing system
  • Monitor the progress of previously submitted tickets and projects and review our staff’s notes and time entries
  • Add notes and attachments of your own
  • Grant approvals for proposed work online
  • Run reports
  • View invoices

If you are a company we bill for work done for another company (the “End Client”), you can review the work we did for the end client. You can find more on that in the topic Monitor End Client Tickets and Projects.

What you can do with a Taskfire Security Level

When you log in to the Client Portal your first stop is your Landing Page, with buttons for some of the most frequent actions. Just click an option to go! If you want to hide this landing page, select the check mark at the bottom of the page.

Taskfire is an extension of the standard Client Portal. You get all the standard features plus your own internal help desk. This is a great solution for customers who have their own IT resources, but do not have the capacity to deal with everything. Taskfire is perfect for coordinating the work between your company and ours, and even your headquarters and subsidiaries. You can:

  • Create tickets and assign them to your internal resources
  • Have your internal resources track their work
  • Escalate tickets to us manually, and configure auto-escalation rules based on issue types, time of day and out of office settings
  • Share work between your company’s locations
  • Add other vendors to you client portal. This lets you keep track of tickets for maintenance crews, utility companies, Internet service providers and others.

You can assign Taskfire licenses to your IT staff, and standard Client Portal licenses to everyone else. For more information about security levels, refer to Security Level Permissions.

Getting Started

All users should watch Using Client Portal (available in English only)

Taskfire users should also watch Using Taskfire (available in English only)

  • The first time you log in you should Edit Your Profile and Change Your Password.
  • The Client Portal is a Cloud-based application delivered in your browser. If things don’t work as described in this Help file, you may want to Configure Your Browser Settings.
  • If you don’t have access to all the features you need, check with your Client Portal manager about the Security Level Permissions . You can check your current level and permissions on the Edit Profile page.
  • To get an overview of the navigation, refer to Navigate the Client Portal.
  • To dive right in, click Create a Ticket on the landing page and see how easy it is!
  • Everything else is covered in this online Help system. If you are on a page that displays a question mark in the top right corner, you can click it to get context-sensitive help for that topic.