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Network Security

Cyber attacks are on the rise and only getting more frequent. It is imperative for your business to have an effective strategy to protect against data breaches, malware, spyware and other threats that could compromise your company.

Endpoint Security & Protection

As the volume of cybersecurity threats has steadily grown, so have endpoint security platforms that can quickly detect, analyze and block attacks, in near real time to provide network administrators with visibility into threats.

Secure Desktop & Server

At WheelHouse Solutions you can rely on our best practice policies, automation, software, certified technicians and years of experience to effectively monitor and manage your Macs and PCs remotely.

Email Security

Our hosted email security service blocks unwanted email before it reaches the corporate network, including identifying address-sharing and the sources of spam to preserve the integrity of your employee email addresses.

Public Safety Solutions

The Quicklert Intelligent Alerts Management (IAM) Software Platform serves as the cornerstone for the Quicklert Mass Notification, Emergency Alerts, and Critical Event Management system.

DNS Filtering & Protection

DNS Protection is highly-effective and is a straightforward way to secure networks, control internet usage, and prevent your users’ everyday internet browsing from becoming a major security risk to your business.


SIEM is a comprehensive security platform that monitors your network for advanced threats that evade anti-virus and firewalls and also includes real-time incident alerts that are displayed on a central dashboard.

Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training provides the continuous, relevant and measurable cybersecurity education businesses need to minimize user error that result in security breaches and losses.

Managed IT Services

With WheelHouse Managed Services, you can expect to experience a dramatic reduction of unscheduled downtime and lower IT costs because problems will be detected and resolved faster – often before you’re even aware of them.

Managed Help Desk Services

Our managed help desk solutions, to include our managed ticketing and monitoring system, provides St. Louis businesses with a reliable and affordable Managed Help Desk Solution.

Managed Network Services

Our Managed Network Services mean that we monitor not only your servers, but your routers, switches, and desktops too. WheelHouse Solutions’ preventative maintenance can be paramount in avoiding expensive down time or data loss.

Managed Cloud Services

If your company is considering Managed Cloud Services, or even looking to move to a different cloud services provider, WheelHouse can manage your migration and integration to the cloud.

Network Monitoring

WheelHouse proactively monitors your entire network and we’re alerted of any issues, often times before the client is aware there’s a problem, allowing us to quickly coordinate the restoration of services.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Every business should have a reliable and tested disaster recovery plan in place, in the event that an unforeseen disaster affects their company’s voice and data services.

Computer Reimaging

Our Self-Healing PC Technology keeps your network running flawlessly, and ensures that your computer workstations will perform optimally, with minimal downtime.

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

UCaaS encompasses all of the different forms of communication within your organization into a centralized application, providing more functionality and flexibility for an increasingly remote workforce.

Circuit Restore™

Customers can now opt-in to a paid monthly service to proactively monitor voice and data circuits for outages and provide quick resolution, preventing costly downtime.

Persystent Suite® (Self Healing PCs)

The Self-Healing PC technology employed by Persystent Suite® allows our customers to significantly reduce downtime and lost productivity and save money on costly computer repairs.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Implementing Cloud Backup (DLOCK) can make certain that your company’s data is protected in the event of a disaster and ensures your ability to recover quickly, without the need for additional IT staff.

Cloud Networking

Our cloud networking solutions are unparalleled in the industry, providing a host of benefits to our cloud customers, including a rock solid disaster recovery plan, should it be needed.

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS allows your business to select an operating system and load your applications onto the servers, but it’s the responsibility of the IaaS provider to keep the equipment secure, powered up and up-to-date.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Our single sign on services allow our clients to work more quickly and efficiently, by requiring only one sign on for all web services they utilize to do their jobs.

Cloud Based Software (SaaS)

More and more businesses are realizing the cost savings and benefits of utilizing Software as a Service (SaaS), versus the old model of purchasing individual software licenses for each physical workstation.

Technology Expense Management

In a complexbusiness environment, organizations are looking for a consolidated platform to process and manage data from various sources, including dashboards and indicators to alert them of potential risks.

Information Technology Consulting

In today’s technology-driven world, savvy business owners are more aware of the need to utilize an IT Consultant to address the critical needs of their business, such as Data Security, Network Architecture and Hardware Optimization.

Puppet® Consulting

We work with our clients to deploy the Puppet® Software solution, enabling them to quickly and easily manage and automate their IT infrastructure.

Business Continuity Planning

Having a plan in place, before disaster strikes, is imperative for every business. We’ll work with your organization to develop a business continuity plan, that will ensure that your company continues to operate in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster can strike without notice, so having an effective disaster recovery plan, in place, is crucial for every business. We’ve helped businesses, in every sector, develop disaster recovery plans that provide sound objectives and offer peace of mind.

Cloud Services Migration & Integration

There are many factors to consider when evaluating cloud services for your business. WheelHouse Solutions can help you evaluate the cloud-readiness of your critical business applications, and assist you with porting them to the cloud.

Telecommunications Consulting

With all of the service options, in telecommunications, today, we can help you evaluate the best products and services for your organization’s needs. Our objective is to procure the best services at the best possible price for each of our clients.

WordPress Web Site Design

Your website has the power to turn website visitors into loyal, repeat customers because we begin with a methodology that has proven to be successful for our clients.

Microsoft Office 365

At WheelHouse Solutions, we’ll take the time to get to know your business and recommend the best Office365 solution to meet the needs of your particular team and organizational environment.

Microsoft Teams with Phone System

Find out why Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing application in Microsoft’s history! With complete office integration, Teams takes your company’s collaboration to a whole new level.

Microsoft Azure

We’ve worked with many businesses who are using Microsoft Azure to port their applications over to the cloud. Microsoft Azure makes cloud computing, simple, scalable, affordable and flexible.

Microsoft Intune Mobile Device Management

As a robust integrated cloud platform, our Intune Mobile Device Management platform simplifies your business with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM over competitors for several reasons. It is connected with other Microsoft products, like Office 365, Windows Server, Outlook, Exchange Server and SharePoint, which makes it more accessible to users.

SharePoint Development

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can provide SharePoint Development Services that can transform your company’s information into an asset your employees will love using.


There have been significant changes in computer networking over the past several years but none are more impactful than software defined WAN, or SD-WAN, which is changing how companies allocate their networking resources and optimize their IT infrastructure.

Business Telephone Systems

WheelHouse Solutions and its expert telecommunications staff have many years of industry knowledge, working hand-in-hand with clients, nationwide. Our experience and expertise run deep, second only to the integrity and trust we demonstrate in our customer relationships.

Allworx Business Telephone Systems

Whether your employees are in a single location or multiple sites, desk-bound or road-bound, take inbound calls or make outbound calls, Allworx Business Telephone Systems can create a perfect fit. WheelHouse carries a comprehensive selection of Allworx VoIP systems to fit your needs.

Sangoma Switchvox Business Telephone Systems

Your business needs an IP PBX that is flexible enough to keep pace with your rapid organizational changes. Sangoma’s Switchvox is the only solution that seamlessly grows and adapts with your business. Unlike other IP phone system solutions, Switchvox uses the same robust software, regardless of how it’s installed.

VoIP Services

VoIP services have become increasingly popular, and cost-effective, with businesses of every size, and the reason is simple: VoIP services allow companies to communicate more cost-effectively, without compromising the quality of your telecommunications services.

Free Telecom Consultation

Request a free consultation and one of or trained telecommunications specialists will be in touch to schedule a meeting. We’ll look at ways that we can reduce your telecommunications costs while providing a high level of voice and data services.

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