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When a brand-new computer arrives from its manufacturer, it typically has an operating system and perhaps several simple applications installed on the hard drive. In years past, this required the user, or the IT staff to install additional applications that were required by the user. These applications had to be installed, one at a time, and it was a tedious and time-consuming task. Fortunately, Computer Reimaging has made this process much more manageable.

What Is Computer Reimaging?

Computer Reimaging is the process of removing all software on a computer and reinstalling everything. A reimage is unavoidable if your operating system becomes damaged or corrupted. You may also need to reimage if your system is plagued with spyware, adware, or ransomware.

Computer Reimaging is a reliable system restoration method, since it rebuilds a hard drive with the user files saved in the disk image. This would include all of the files and folders, as well as the hard disk file system information. And since reimaging is a one step process, it doesn’t require multiple installations, as in years past.

Computer Reimaging can also restore the performance of an older computer, that otherwise appears to be working just fine. If a computer takes 5-10 minutes to start up, after a reboot, it might be due for a reimage. Reimaging can also solve many issues with older versions of software, ensuring you have the latest version of all software.

What Sorts of Issues Can Require Computer Reimaging?

  • Windows Updates – There are numerous instances when a simple Windows Update has rendered a computer so unstable, that the only solution was a REIT image of the hard drive. This includes Service Packs, that can render a computer useless, without warning. In these instance, a fresh image of the hard drive, available with persistent suite, could have solved these problem in minutes, rather than days.
  • Unstable Device Drivers – System device drivers can be a nightmare for IT managers to troubleshoot and repair. There have been countless reports where an updated driver has rendered a computer workstation inoperable. In instances such as unstable device drivers, Persystent Suite can solve this problem with a fresh image of the affected computer.
  • Viruses, Adware, Malware & Ransomware – Persystent Suite can be an invaluable tool if your computer is affected with any of a number of viruses, adware, malware or ransomware. With Persistent Suite self-healing PC technology, your computer’s “image” can be restored in seconds, without the need for human intervention. In fact, many of our customers are not even aware there was a problem, until after-the-fact, because of the self-healing technology built into Persystent Suite.

We Provide Reliable and Cost-Effective Computer Reimaging

When WheelHouse Solutions images a computer, we install the operating system and other administrative tools, configure general preferences, install applications for communicating with our network operations center, as well as other basic tasks required for optimal performance. This allows our team to image one computer, including all of the required software, and then create an “image” of that computer, which can be easily replicated across your network, saving your business time and money.

WheelHouse Solutions utilizes Persystent Suite, simplifying the restoration and recovery process, as well as installing an automated self-healing capability that repairs and recovers any PC, without human intervention. Persystent Suite removes unauthorized changes to the operating system, while preserving the last known ideal state, ensuring that you’ll never lose critical data. More importantly, Persystent Suite gets your staff up and running in seconds, rather than hours and provides the IT staff with detailed reporting, to prevent root causes and future occurrences. Persystent Suite also addresses other critical requirements, including imaging control, disaster recovery and secure drive sanitization.

Self-Healing PC Technology Saves Time & Money

While it’s true that computer hard drives are more reliable, today, than they were 20 years ago, they’re still one of the weakest components in your network. With WheelHouse Solutions Self-Healing PC Technology and our comprehensive strategy for keeping your network running flawlessly, you can rest assured that your data is safe and that your computer workstations will have minimal downtime.

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